To provide high-quality security services Ukrohorona a comprehensive approach: A hardware and software system that combines the functions of fire alarm system and Smart House, which includes The object equipment "Укрохорона" and the central monitoring Ukrohorona. This system includes a set of hardware and software on the object in the control center and the customer.

Remote Guard

Remote Ukrohorona, developed by the company based on many years of experience in the field of safety, security firms demand knowledge and views the most effective organization of the dispatch center.

Authorization of users and the changes

  • All user actions are logged, thus instantly calculate the authors of violations and every change to the control of management is under control.

Differentiation of access levels for different users

  • The remote provides 3 types of users: operator, technology administrator. Thus each employee can and efficiently carry out their work without receiving access to private data

Customizable reports for different time periods

  • The remote allows you to generate reports on the departures of the RRG, alarm processing, applications maintenance and more

Monitoring the location of crews RRG

  • The operator watches online location RRT, the crew has the ability to redirect the RRG. If the crew makes an emergency technical break information is displayed on the remote

Control the speed of arrival at the facility

  • The remote has 3 timers that allow the operator to fix the rate of the reaction time in RRT path to the object, and the total response time to an alarm

Parallel operation of several operators

  • Remote control is provided for parallel operation of several operators to distribute applications to different algorithms


Receptionists 24 - a unique development Ukrohorona - online service that provides remote access to the object via the Internet encrypted channels and allows to control the work of commercial buildings, leaving / coming home family members, keep track of employee time, to track all messages arriving at the monitoring station with an object , the rate of arrival of first responders, manage equipment and various mechanisms and much more. To use the service rather through an Internet browser and go to your personal account by entering the username and password from a PC or any mobile device connected to the Internet. Now your house and business is always on-line

Access from any computer, tablet or phone

  • To use the system, you do not necessary to any device with internet connection (OS Windows, Android, Apple)

Complete information about the events taking place in the remote

  • You do not need to request a printout of the events from the remote centralized monitoring - all the events in a convenient form available in your account.

Management intelligent systems

  • This service allows you to remotely control home automation system or any other intelligent systems, manage home appliances and various mechanisms

Control of staff

  • You can see the time of arrival / departure from the site of each individual employee, during his stay at the facility (using RFID-identification cards, fingerprint or retina)

Control all indicators

  • When you connect to the site corresponding sensors, receptionists 24 allows you to control various parameters such as temperature, volume, consumption of resources consumed and more.

Control the speed of arrival responders

  • You can independently assess how quickly after the alarm event group arrived at the object


Due to its flexibility and versatility, facility equipment production Ukrohorona opens opportunities for the user and at the same time, it is convenient in the design, installation and configuration and installation companies. In the production of electronic components used in the device of European quality, and its performance is such that at full load is only 35% CPU power, thus ensuring reliable and continuous operation (protection against "freezes").

2 channels of communication with remote monitoring of GSM-channel

  • Used 2 GSM-communication channel - the main and backup, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the system, and also eliminates the possibility of "stub"

The test signal several times per second

  • Information on the decontamination of equipment at the facility is fed to the control immediately

Unlimited expansion zones

  • 12 zones and 6 outputs can be extended by connecting respective modules. Thus system is universal and applicable to various types of objects

Ability to connect different types of sensors

  • Eg motion detectors, break, opening, flooding, smoke, fuel level, as well as intelligent systems, smart home, etc.

Possibility of connection of actuators

  • Remote control home appliances and mechanical devices

Control of the object using the receptionists 24

  • All traffic information on the subject, staff time, events come to the control of, you can see a personal account OHORONA24

Functional security and fire alarm

  • Signal may be transmitted to the object on fire, gas and water leakage, etc.

The ability to identify the service and / or management staff

  • Identification is made by registered RFID-cards, fingerprint, retina

Convenience and ease of installation and programming

  • The central unit "Ukrohorona" - a universal device that can be easily adapted to the changing technical problem