VIP-support - a service that most often use the public and / or high-profile people. The cost of such services varies considerably and very individual.

95 человек под надежной охраной
Cargo Protection

Bodyguard 1

Accompanies the protected person

Bodyguard 2

Accompanies the protected person

A list of employees
  • 1Bodyguard 1
  • 2Bodyguard 2
  • The certificate of the state sample guard
  • Physical and psychological preparation
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Special conditions: gun

Additional Options

Increased liability
10 thous uah
20 thous uah
30 thous uah
40 thous uah
50 thous uah
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License Fee


Cost of service


The price includes:

Connect to the service


Vip-escort or bodyguard services from Ukrohorona - this is your peace of mind. We understand that this service is of particular importance to the security agency trust, its reputation, the guarantee of confidentiality and professionalism.

There are important knowledge, experience and skills of security personnel engaged for such services, his reaction and the ability to navigate in extreme situations. We are ready to discuss options for individual protection according to your needs for various periods.


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